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Get Free Shipping on Epson Ink Orders Over $100 (Lower 48 United States Only)

Epson TM-C3500: Maintenance Box Replacement

The Epson ColorWorks C3500 inkjet color label printer is a low-maintenance and worry-free device that has helped to create thousands of painless and efficient custom labeling solutions.  Flexibility and ease-of-use make this printer a staple in many of our own low-volume printing processes.

There isn’t much you need to do to keep this printer going, in fact- it’s nearly maintenance-free.


One of the few things you need to do to keep a C3500 running is the simple task of replacing the maintenance box.  Epson also recommends a light cleaning during this replacement, you can review those steps in our other blog post about cleaning the Epson ColorWorks C3500.  Let’s begin.

  • Face the front of the printer.  You should not power down the printer to perform the maintenance box replacement.  Push downward on the plastic tab on the left side (above the power button) and pull it out towards yourself.  The long, narrow, plastic maintenance box cover should come off of the printer. Lay this cover down in front of the printer or to the side.  Do not try to remove it completely, as it is attached to the printer by a plastic strap.

  • You can now access the maintenance box.  Pull the black tab directly outward, the box should slide out of the device with ease.  Go ahead and set it aside.
  • Remove the new maintenance box from the packaging.  Do not remove the foil from the box, this is required for the box to function.  Save the bag of cleaning supplies, you will need this to properly clean your printer later on  We discuss the proper way to clean the Epson C3500 in this blog post (hyperlink).  There should also be a plastic bag in the box, this is used for the old maintenance box in order to prevent ink splattering.  Put the old maintenance box in the bag and throw it away.

  • Hold the new maintenance box upright, so that you can read the text on the label.  The label should be facing towards the middle of the printer, and the foil should be facing out.  You can now slide the new box into the printer, you should hear and feel a slight ‘click’ once the box is in place.
  • Close the maintenance box cover by lifting it up and sliding the hook on the lower end of the cover into the slot on the printer (this should be right just above the plastic strap that is tethering the cover to the printer).  Bring the upper part of the cover to the printer and press it back into position until you hear it click.

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